About Us

Wodo i Partnerzy Pustelnik-Jaźwiec, Śmigielski, Wodo-Zacharek, Zacharek i Zaleska  Adwokacka Spółka Partnerska  comprises a group of advocates who joined forces to most effectively secure their clients? interests.
The team of advocates consists of highly experienced lawyers who specialize in particular fields of Polish law.
The scope of interests and wide range of experience of the advocates of the Office encompass all the fields of Polish law so that every client is satisfied with our services.
Our offer is directed at all kinds of clients: corporate clients, civil companies, commercial companies, and natural persons who do not have business activity.
We thoroughly analyze each case in order to assess the chances for a successful outcome. We present our clients with an honest assessment of their situation and propose adequate solutions.
The advocates of the Office speak fluent English and French.
Our Team cooperates with the Offices in France and Germany which makes it possible to provide legal assistance to our clients in the above mentioned countries.